Section 291 of BNS

Negligent  Conduct with  Respect to  Animals  

Negligence Defined

It applies to anyone who knowingly or negligently fails to take adequate safety measures for animals in their possession  

Human Safety Concerns

The focus is on preventing probable danger to human life or avoiding severe injuries caused by the animal 

Obligations of Animal Owners

Owners must ensure their animals are managed in a way that minimizes risk to others

Penalties for Negligence

Violation of this section can lead to imprisonment for up to six months

Financial Consequences

Alternatively, or in addition to imprisonment, there could be a fine of up to five thousand rupees

Dual Penalty Option

In some cases, offenders might face both imprisonment and a fine

Types of Animals Covered

The law applies to any animal in the person’s possession, not limited to domestic pets

Intention and Awareness

The offender's knowledge or negligence about the potential danger is critical in determining culpability

Legal Responsibility

This section emphasizes the legal duty to prevent potential harm from animals under one's care